Solar Energy Products: Panels

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Seraphim SRP-330-BMB Mono Blade



First Class Warranty:

  • 15 year product

  • 25 year linear power warranty at STC

  • Cut cell 6% power loss reduction

  • Split panel shade loss benefit 50%


Australia's best high-performance panel delivered at an economical price. Great local warranty support.  




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REC 315 TP2 Mono


High Performance Monocrystalline Cells

120 Split Cell technology, shading benefits, 100% PID free


First Class Warranty:

  • 25 year product

  • 25 year linear power warranty at STC

  • Innovative manufacturer

  • Low degradation and very durable for Australia's harsh environment


Industry-leading product warranty when dealing with REC Solar Professional. Norwegian company manufacturing in Singapore.

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Sunpower Maxeon 2 360W


Fundamentally different. And better

  • unmatched reliability

  • patented solid metal foundation (cell)

  • the highest quality in solar

  • 20.4% efficiency




25-year product and workmanship 

25 year performance (highest power warranty in the industry)


Synonymous with quality and solar Sunpower has been leading the industry for 35 years. With successful applications in the harshest conditions on and earth and in space (NASA space station). 


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High Performance: 98.4% peak efficiency

High Reliability: transformerless, natural cooling

Engineered for safety & durability, high anti-corrosion aluminum die-cast.

Loved by installers throughout Australia due to easy installation and reliability

Superior Warranty: 5 + 5 year limited warranty



SMA Inverter


  • Worlds #1 inverter manufacturer for 30 years

  • Designed for maximum reliability and backed by an unmatched service offering

  • #1 service team in the industry *IMS research

  • SMA Smart Connect Monitoring

  • Modular design

  • Options: battery ready, smart meters

  • OptiTrac click for video


Fronius Inverter


Austrian Est 1945. World leading innovation. 

  • 5 year warranty

  • advanced wifi

  • smart grid ready

  • open data communication

  • energy management function

  • battery upgrade option

  • Australian service and support

  • Option : 3 phase Symo range

Enphase Microinverters


Worlds most advanced microinverters. Performance and intelligence. The best gear in town.

  • Flexible design

  • Greater productivity

  • Higher reliability

  • Greater durability

  • Increased safety

  • Bidirectional communications

  • In depth monitoring

  • Remote problem solving








Smart module technology to give you better ROI by increasing your energy yield. Great for shading.

  • Works on any inverter

  • Enhanced performance

  • Shade and age tolerance

  • Improved safety

  • Greater design flexibility

  • Maximized roof usage

  • Plug & play installation

  • 25 year warranty





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