Residential Solar

Be smart and see why millions of Australians have joined the solar revolution. It's no surprise to see that Australia is leading the way in residential rooftop solar installations. 

It might even be the best financial investment any homeowner may make!


Let's consider the energy security; energy price rise security; home improvement value; its a very low-risk decision for a lender so many consumer finance options are available but buying outright will always give you a faster return on investment (ROI); thinking of selling your home? Solar may very well help you to sell your home faster as many property buyers are aware of the benefits of solar and therefore there is an expectation to their new home having solar;  and yes, doing your part for the environment too.

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Many homeowners have seen the increased benefits of having larger solar PV systems. In the early years of the solar boom, many marketing companies pushed the easy and fast sale - which was the small 6-8 panel systems typically 1.5kW systems. Good for a small home and a solo occupier - maybe!


In 2018 we have personally been involved with upgrading and or replacing older systems. The benefits of doing this will allow you to get the latest solar panels, inverters and mounting kits with improved efficiency, performance and new warranties to see you right for the next 5 years, 10 years and even 30 or more years on some warranties available today.

As an added peace of mind, Pienergy supports your investment with 'five (5) year whole of system warranty + a ten (10) year workmanship warranty'

What's the right size system for me?

To answer this honestly we need to learn more about your situation. We strongly recommend a call in the first instance so one of our qualified and experienced team members can see you right. 

We strongly advise on avoiding the 'one size fits all' approach that many companies are taking. You can tell them by the cheap deals and offers like buy 'x' number of panels and get '4 free' BS!

6.5 and 6.6kW Solar systems have become very popular in Australia in the last couple of years but why?


Many people ask how can you have 6.5kW of panels on a 5kW inverter? I've read many social media comments where the consumers are getting stuck into each other as to the reason - some are very funny!


In Australia and due to the STC's we receive as a financial incentive to install a solar system we can oversize the solar array to the inverter capacity. We multiply the inverter capacity by 1.33.

Therefore,  5kW INVERTER  X 1.33 = 6.65kW (maximum solar array we can go to). 

We have been doing a number of single phase home solar installations where budget and roof space is available to support  13.3kW systems. These installation typically require export limitation to meet the necessary grid approvals from Energex and other lines companies.


Be aware that different rules and regulations apply in different areas. So again please call us in the first instance to discuss how we may be able to help you find the 'solution' you require. 

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But I've seen a bargain online (or on TV)!


All though at times some of the offerings may seem on the surface like they are using a reputable panel or inverter you must be very careful. There is more to a solar system than the panel and the inverter. Let's consider rail and racking kits. After all, this piece of equipment is the line of defense to your home and your solar investment. Cut corners here and we may see you feature on the Facebook page 'crap solar'.


Ask your Pienergy team member about our mounting system with its industry leading 20-year warranty.  

Another crucial part of every solar system that can be neglected is the electrical kit this includes wiring, cables, conduit, isolators, covers, switches, etc. You don't ask about it because you never considered it before, right? 

Next and one of the most critical elements of all installations is the installation itself. We run on tight margins and we are very competitively priced but there are still those companies advertising prices that defy economics, basic business skills (business 101) and common sense. If the consumer demands lower prices then who gets hit the hardest? The installers!

Some installers are installing multiple jobs a day to make ends meet. They are barely making a wage. We ensure a fair pricing practice with our installers so they don't need to cut corners to get the job done for a buck. We pay a fair price to ensure your installation is installed competently and professionally by an accredited installer. 

We also carry our certificate of currency for insurance needs.


Make sure when you consider installing solar you consider these things so you have no regrets later.