New Sungrow Premium Inverters

Sungrow inverters are being used on many of our installations and to date we have had 'zero' problems - literally! The two differences between the the former model inverters and the new Premium range is an increase in warranty from the 5 + 5 year offering to a FULL ten (10) year warranty. With the other difference being an integrated isolator - so less hardware on your homes wall.

Sungrow single phase inverter range are: SG3K-S / SG3K-D / SG5K-D / SG8K-D (Click for Datasheets)

SG3K-D_SG5K-D Datasheet_EN
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SG8K-D _Datasheet_EN
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Sungrow three phase inverter range: SG10KTL-MT / SG15KTL-M / SG20KTL-M

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