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                                          REC Pro Trust Warranty

REC now offers an unrivaled comprehensive warranty. Not only are they committed to innovation and quality  REC has the lowest warranty claims in the industry: 100 ppm!

So, with confidence, the Pro Trust Warranty will add the extra peace of mind that you are buying a very high-quality module.

  • 25 years performance warranty

  • 25 years product warranty

  • 25 year labour warranty

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REC Alpha panels

Worlds most powerful solar panel! REC continues to innovate and define the solar industry with their latest offering of Alpha Series panels. 

Key benefits:

  • Power at 25 years a whopping 92%!

  • Power year 1 98%

  • Annual degradation 0.25%

  • Product Warranty 25 years for REC Solar Professionals

  • Power warranty 25 years

  • Temperature coefficient of P max -0.26%/0C (perfect for HOT climates)

  • Maximum test load 7000 Pa

  • Panel efficiency 380W 21.7%

  • No soldering


  • Environmentally friendly 81% reduction in lead content

  • 1721 x 1016 x 30mm

  • Made in Singapore

Click the link to open the datasheet for more information.