How many panels can I get?


A big question we often get asked is "how many panels can I get installed?". The answer really depends on where you live and what the Distributor permits. Another factor to consider is even though you may have the available roof space will the added weight be okay? What we are going to consider here is the Distributor.

The electricity network or grid across Australia is managed by Distributors. In some regions, your Distributor is also your Retailer (for example, Ergon Energy in some parts of their network in Queensland). Their responsibility is to manage the network for uninterrupted electricity supply to homes and businesses on the network as well as maintaining safety.

Therefore, before we install any grid-connected solar we apply for grid approval through the appropriate distributor. This process in some parts of some networks is instant if we propose a system capacity within their predetermined size limits and other Distributors will require time to perform an 'assessment' for all applications. Many of the Distributors allow for greater capacity solar installations through an 'assessment' process which in some cases can extend the grid-approval process by 65 days or more.

Not intending to confuse you but it is worth noting at this point that your Retailer (the company who gives you the power bill) may pay you a 'FiT' or 'feed-in-tariff' for the electricity you produce from your solar system and do not use that is then 'exported' to the network or grid for a fee payable to you. Again at the time of writing this is typically ranging from $0.08 - $0.20 per kW. BTW this is a very good incentive to get solar installed with fast paybacks being achieved. But, some Retailers are doing 'maximum' or 'limits' to the amount of 'FIT' they may pay you to a certain threshold. Again, check this out on your Retailers web site.

The following information although correct at time of writing may be subject to changes so please use as guide only and contact us for further explanation.

Note: Assessment and Export limitation for bigger systems to 10kW per phase is possible for many Distributors.




Single Phase 5kW  Three Phase 15kW 


Single Phase 5kW  Three Phase 15kW

New South Wales


Single Phase 10kW  Three Phase 30kW



Single Phase 5kW (8kW Solar) Three Phase 30kW (40kW Solar)

Essential Energy:

Single phase 5kW (Urban)

Single phase 3kW (Rural)



Single Phase 10kW (5kW Export limit) Three Phase 30kW (15kW Export limit)


Citi Power:

Single Phase 5kW  Three Phase 30kW



Single Phase 10kW  Three Phase 30kW


United Energy:

Single Phase 10kW  Three Phase 30kW



*Note: Assessment and Export Limitation for bigger systems to 10kW per phase is possible for many Distributors.

Battery capacity in most cases also contributes to the combined capacity of the system you are proposing to install. This is because the battery has the capacity to also export power back into the grid via discharging.  Many things to consider so be mindful of your circumstances before rushing into 'too good to be true' offer.


Let us help by understanding your needs no sales pressure just trying to be helpful to ensure you get the best outcome. 



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