Solar battery energy storage

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Home energy storage is fast becoming the new phase of the solar revolution Australia has experienced in the last 10 years. Recent advancements in energy storage technology coupled with considerable cost reductions have made upgrading your existing solar system or new solar system to a home energy battery storage complete system. This is the ideal set up.  You don't sell back via FIT's (feed in tariffs) surplus generated power at a fraction of the cost you then have to buy it back for in the evening when you need it - at full price.

Pienergy really likes the Australian company Soltaro. This lithium-ion phosphate battery system is designed and engineered locally in Australia. Soltaro is at the cutting edge of 'new tech'. Soltaro offers second to none after sales support based in Melbourne with great supporting networks across our install networks across Australia. 

Besides sleek sexy looks, this unit offers knock out options for your serious consideration:

  • Australian designed and engineered

  • IP 65 for indoor or outdoor installation

  • Inverter 5kW (nominal 5000 AC)

  • 6500 watts internal operation

  • 100 Amp charger built in

  • 4.5kW modular design up to 22kW

  • 10,000 cycles with 20 year warranty

  • Acoustically designed for low noise

  • Modern gloss automotive finish

  • Dual mode for Emergency Power Supply (EPS) for 5kva output

  • Off-grid capable

  • Advanced monitoring

  • Australian warranty

  • Plug and play

Modular design 4.5kW - 22kW

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10,000 cycles 10 year warranty

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