Commercial solar 

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Solar,  your business, your bottom line?


Pienergy has an experienced in-house commercial solar consultancy division to ensure you look at the facts. We use cutting edge mapping, design and financial analysis modeling to examine the potential of your site specific commercial energy needs. Which stand up to scrutiny from any forensic accounting your business may require in order to make the correct decision.


Current government incentives make this more attractive than ever as we continue experiencing high energy prices with no end in sight. Where may energy prices reach in the coming years as we look at our aging power stations that are in need of serious capital investment or alternatives?


Going solar has never made more sense. Start the journey to gain energy independence by contacting us in the first instance.

Sometimes your business may need more than just solar to get a lower power bill. many businesses are getting charged 'peak energy' tariffs. If your business is, thne Power Factor Correction (PFC) may also be necessary to getting cleaner, more efficient power to your business with added benefit of improving your solar system. Please see Power Factor Correction (PFC) page.


Commercial solar is ideal for sports clubs and sports stadiums, RSL’s, industrial businesses, unit complexes, manufacturing, storage units, petrol stations, carparks, vacant land and even space stations.


Pienergy Commercial Solar Division


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